High-quality Linux administration, thoughtful DevOps process consulting, and rock-solid network management, offered á la carte

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As Linux systems administration experts, and proponents of the drive to automate software delivery and infrastructure most recently called 'DevOps,’ Fuzzy Logic is able to dive into your organization and help you achieve your goals fast. Whether you’re creating a new product and want to get the infrastructure right from the start, or you have a product hitting the market without adequate backups and bandwidth, we can step in to source, set up, and automate the resources your product needs to be successful in the marketplace and shape your onsite team to carry that success forward, all without overloading your time or budget.

Linux Systems Administration

Legacy blues? We can help you with those.

Whether you want to migrate a Windows environments to Linux-based production and development, or move from a fully managed, externally hosted product to internally managed Linux/VMWare stacks, Fuzzy Logic will create a unique solution that will maintain product delivery goals. Our experience with multiple flavors of configuration management gives us the ability to help you rock your migration and realize significant OpEx/CapEx savings in the process.

Fuzzy Logic has extensive experience with Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and Salt configuration management platforms, with resounding client success migrating to and from Amazon EC2/VPC, Rackspace Public Cloud, on-premises Openstack from "Havana" up to the latest "Mitaka,” and even VMWare ESX 5.x. And if you’re looking for help with Azure, Digital Ocean, or any other major public cloud providers, we have the knowledge and know how to get your migration moving fast and clean.

Our background includes all flavors of Linux. If your stack runs on Linux - RedHat, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc - or even a more exotic *Nix like OpenBSD or FreeBSD, we can help you realize the performance and temporal gains you’re searching for.

Or, you could run with the herd. Wherever they’re going.

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Network management

Infrastructure is so basic that sometimes it gets overlooked in the rush to production. Fuzzy Logic can help your team design and manage the right solution physical or cloud including remote administration, virtualization, and automation, without ignoring the security elephant in the room.

With Fuzzy Logic Systems handling your network and web server solutions, you can focus on running your business. With a personalized Fuzzy Logic consultation, your complicated technology mysteries get solved quickly and professionally, whether you need an on-prem solution with a great set of user-friendly tools or a totally managed solution that allows your developers to get on with their programming great products.

And in case the elephant is loose, we can provide a full security audit, assuring you that your development and production environments are safe, and your data is secure.

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DevOps Process Consulting

Need fresh blood without bleeding talent? We can do that.

DevOps Process Consulting from Fuzzy Logic infuses your team with the expertise and experience they need to speed up product delivery, make customers happy, and increase sales while reducing both OpEx and CapEx. We do this by evaluating your needs, implementing the right technologies and processes like automated deployment, continuous delivery, and operations/developer cooperation, then embedding these virtues into your team, sharpening the skills of employees you’ve already invested in.

After all, a successful company doesn’t get to the next level with fancier hardware, magic software, robotic coders, or super scripting geniuses, it gets there with clear thinking and a better use of resources.

”More”, whether that’s more people, more time, or even more money, doesn’t always create value.

Let Fuzzy Logic’s DevOps Process Consulting help you use “Less”: less time, less capital expenditure, lower operating expenses, and fewer complaints from customers and employees.

Less is definitely more.

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