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Analog Analytics

Virtual Hosting and Automation Take It to the Bank for Barclays

Automated the physical and virtual host management within a strict compliance environment for the Barclaycard Bespoke Offers portal based on CentOS, Rails 3, Unicorn, Nginx, Chef, and Redis/Resque.

Saved $1.4M/yr in hosting fees providing key support for an environment-wide migration from Rackspace "white glove" hardware to a privately hosted OpenStack environment.

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AWS Optimization Calls in a Win for Execvision

Execvision was dealing with chronic downtime, customer complaints, and expensive AWS hosting costs.

Fuzzy Logic's intervention reduced customer-facing outages, improved documentation and process-flow for operational continuity, and reduced server costs by 33%.

Moving Execvision from costly SaaS applications to self-hosted solutions, Fuzzy Logic also developed a bespoke monitoring and metrics solution so small issues wouldn't grow into customer-facing outages.

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